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Storm is healing nicely! The bruising is almost gone and her hair is starting to grow back.

Since Mom is work from home due to the virus, Storm makes cameo appearances in her meetings. During a team meeting, Strom distracted the team by walking around. Everyone cheered for her!

It snowed today and Storm was not happy about that development. I was hoping she’d get more practice walking before having to deal with the snow.

I’m always amazed at her strength and resilience.

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Hanging in There

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Storm has been whining pretty consistently for the last three days.  We went to the message boards on for advice and got some amazing resources from some helpful individuals!  If anyone is ever in a similar position I highly recommend going there.

Storm’s vet said it is likely that she is suffering from some anxiety and dysphoria from the surgery and gave her a little medicine to help during recovery.

Storm has been sleeping most of the day and I’m really glad to see her resting.  She definitely needs to take it easy!  I am happy to see her recovering and not giving up.  She is an inspiration!

Surgery Whoas

Storm’s surgery was scheduled on March 18, 2020, in the middle of the COVID 19 outbreak.

When Storm arrived at the Vet’s office for surgery, an earthquake hit!  Mom and dad were nervous leaving her for her surgery but knew it needed to be done.  Throughout the day, two aftershocks were felt making mom and dad worry more!  Luckily, Storm was not injured during surgery even though one aftershock hit in the middle of her surgery.

Storm was very groggy and unhappy all evening.  She whined and cried quite a bit, worrying her parents.  In her confusion, she bit her dad three times but dad knows she didn’t mean to.  The medication wore off and Storm started to return to her normal self.